Earthquake Engineering

From early work on the seismic analysis of concrete dams, the research group has extended its interests to the wider aspects of structural dynamics. An important feature of the group’s activities is the combination of analytical techniques, laboratory experiments and measurements on real structures.

This approach leads to a better understanding of the fundamentals of how structures behave and to more reliable methods of analysis and design. The group now carries out research in many fields, including:

  • Seismic hazard assessment and ground response modelling
  • Seismic and dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction, including pipelines, piles and offshore foundations
  • Seismic safety and the nonlinear structural dynamics of buildings and nuclear facilities
  • Seismic performance of infrastructure networks including long-span bridges
  • Retrofit systems for buildings and for non structural elements such as masonry infill panels
  • Seismic performance of dams and retaining structures
  • Earthquake field investigations
  • Educational activities